How To Detect Foundation Damage

Home after slab repairsFoundation damage impose great danger to you and all the people inside the structure. Therefore, it is very important that you observe and take note of all defects that you see inside your building. You should also immediately act when you encounter big defects, as these may be telltale signs of foundation damage. Foundation repair solutions must be carried out instantly as soon as the damage has been identified.

The weather and soil conditions in Houston are harmful to structures. These are the main reasons why the number of structures needing foundation repair in Houston TX is greater compared to most US cities. If you are living in Houston, then you must not ignore all these signs of foundation damage.

The most common signs of foundation damage are cracks in the wall. Cracks may come in combination of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions. The severity of a crack depends on its thickness, its direction, and its location. A narrow wall crack about the thickness of your hair may not be that significant. It may just be a sign of shrinking concrete plaster. However, a wall crack about an eighth of an inch wide is a major cause for concern. It may be a sign of a massive soil settlement below your wall. Horizontal wall cracks are more dangerous that vertical cracks as they may also indicate a lateral movement in your wall. Still, wide cracks located in your beams or piers are much more of a concern that wall cracks, as they may be indications of a poorly-designed, or much worse, a collapsing house.

The sudden changes in parts of your floor may also indicate a problem in your foundation. A portion of your slab that has sunk may be a sign that the soil below your building may be moving or settling. Parts of your slab which are moist or are submerged in water may indicate that a pipe below your house is leaking. Cracks in your floor may indicate one or a combination of these foundation damages.

The earliest signs of foundation damages may also be seen in your doors and windows. You may also say that your door or your window is not closing properly or have gaps because the hinges are just a little bit misaligned, or just because they are poorly installed. However, when the gaps around your windows or doors are already wide enough to permit air inside your home, you should already seek for foundation repair solutions Houston. Considerable gaps in your windows and doors may be a sign of foundation settling or shifting. Also, foundation failure can also be connected to doors or windows that are stuck, or have cracks and gaps around them.

You may also want to consider searching for Houston foundation repair services when you see separation in some parts of your house. You may want to look for a separation between adjacent layers of your brick wall, or a separation between your brick wall and the adjacent wood surfaces.

In case you encounter one or more of these defects, do not panic. Just take note of all defects in your house. Then, immediately search for and contact the company that provides foundation repair Houston. And, if you are looking for the company that offers only the best foundation repair solutions Houston, then E-Houston Foundation Repair is the one you are looking for.

Contact E-Houston Foundation Repair and they will schedule an appointment of your building in the earliest possible time. First, they will conduct an inspection to assess whether your house should be repaired or not. If your house needs to be repaired, the repair team will immediately schedule and implement only the best foundation repair solutions Houston. If not, the technician will tell you immediately so you can avoid unnecessary expenses.