Progressive Canvas Construction on Foundation Damages and Their Causes

brick living roomAre you starting to notice that there are a couple of deep cracks in your walls or slabs? Do your doors and windows seem misaligned with their frames? These signs may indicate that there is something wrong with the foundation of your home or commercial building.

The foundation is the most critical part of the building. It supports the weight of all the people, appliances, machinery, furniture, and the building itself. A house cannot even stand upright if it doesn’t have a stable foundation.

A foundation problem should be treated as a major cause for concern. Just a little damage in your foundation can cause the entire structure to collapse. Potential foundation problems must be reported and must be scheduled for immediate inspection and repair.

You should check your building frequently for foundation problems, especially if you are living in Houston. This is because the extremely hot weather and the expansive clay soil in the city are not friendly to structures. The number of cases of foundation repair in Houston TX is actually one of the highest among the cities in the United States.

The first and most crucial step in foundation repair is identifying the root cause of the damage. Once the cause is identified, foundation repair solutions can be carried out quickly and effectively. Otherwise, all repair efforts will go to waste, and the defect may further damage your structure.

The root cause of your foundation problem may come from the very soil where your building is standing. In fact, the reason for most cases of foundation damage is because of soil problems. Expansive clay soil readily reacts with changes in weather. The continuous cycle of extremely dry and wet seasons cause expansive clay soils to shift or settle. This will eventually misalign and weaken your structure. Therefore, you should immediately search for foundation repair solutions Houston in case a part of your house is misaligned.

The damage in your foundation may also be caused by faulty construction. Unscrupulous contractors use substandard construction materials and employ ineffective construction practices to build your home or commercial building. They do this solely for the purpose of profit. A poorly constructed building pose hidden dangers to all who will use it. It may even collapse totally without any warning.

Cracks can also appear in your house’s foundation due to natural wear-and-tear. You should be observant of all possible defects of your home, especially when you know it was built around the 1970s. The material inside your columns and walls may already been worn out, thus decreasing their capacity to support the building. You may periodically avail foundation repair solutions Houston to maintain your old house.

Other foundation problems may come from your landscape and your water distribution system. Roots from the plants in your garden may reach some important parts of your foundation. These root can break through your walls or your floor, creating cracks in them. Leaky pipes may also contribute in the weakening of your foundation. Water escapes through your leaky pipes, and then travels through the soil until it reaches your slab. The water will then seep through your floor, cracking it and creating miniature pools around your house.

If you think there is something wrong with the foundation of your home or commercial building, you may contact Progressive Canvas Construction and they will immediately send a team to assist you. Progressive Canvas Construction has been in the foundation repair industry for over 60 years. It offers only the best and cost-effective foundation repair solutions Houston and other nearby places. Their highly-trained technicians will deliver to you only the most efficient service in detecting and repairing all your foundation problems. Just call them or just fill-up an online request form and they will provide the right foundation repair solution for you.